WWDVC 2019


This conference features the latest trends within Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Analytics, and Data Vault. That being the case,World Wide Data Vault Consortium (WWDVC) is one of the most renowned and authoritative, annual Data Vault conferences held within the US as each year innovative minds come together to exchange case studies, ideas, and experiences to further push what is possible within the industry.

This year, held for the first time within Europe, the conference will be organised by Scalefree, together with the inventor of Data Vault 2.0 – Dan Linstedt (Empowered Holdings, LLC).

Data Warehousing is not only performing simple batch processes on relational databases for a long time. With the age of Big Data new technologies and ways to deal with data sprouted from the ground. But, what is the status today? Which technologies and strategies have proven their worth over the years and what are promising outlooks?

Virtualization for example becomes more and more important as the computing power increases while the costs fall (Moore’s Law). Hybrid architectures became a proven practice as enterprise data nowadays is not only structured, but also semi- or unstructured which is first loaded in raw format and then explored and integrated by applying schema on read.

Real-time data was and is a current topic to talk about. Data is generated more and more frequently, in a bigger volume and in complex structures. Managed Self-Service BI and business rule engines to really enable this self-service.


  • Do virtualization engines enable my organization to completely virtualize numerous layers on top of NoSQL databases within a Big Data scenario while still maintaining performance levels? Further, how can Data Vault be an accelerator within this process?
  • How can my organization comply with the growing amount and complexity of real-time data streams within industry 4.0?
  • When does virtualization make sense and to what extent will it find a place within my organization?
  • NoSQL or traditional RDBMS? Perhaps, both?
  • Should my organization utilize Data Warehouse or Data Lake? Why?


If you don’t already have an existing data warehouse and your organization handles data science work or investigating your data, you probably won’t want or need a data warehouse.But, if you need structure, analysis, multi-integrated systems that have been integrated by consistent business keys, or if you tie your data back to the business processes by a business key, then you definitely need a data warehouse. To put it bluntly, when you want to extract value out of the data lake as well as the data in the data lake, a data warehouse becomes a mature concept which enables your organization to do so.

For more information, visit https://www.scalefree.com/wwdvc-eu-2019/

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