Vaultspeed Saas on Azure!

Good news for Microsoft Azure enthousiasts! Vaultspeed is now listed as a Saas offering on the Azure Marketplace!

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In today’s world, organizations struggle to integrate data from various source platforms. This integrated view on data is important for cross platform data sharing, end-to-end business questions and data exploration or analysis. Agility, low time to market and high rate of change are key problems in tackling the digital transition successfully. VaultSpeed is a data warehouse automation solution that enables organizations to integrate data from numerous source platforms into one data hub. We harvest source metadata and our engine delivers generated structures and ELT.

Vaultspeed’s guided automation framework helps the user to combine metadata of different sources in an intuitive way. The complex process of building a data vault is simplified by enforcing the user to follow a pre-defined set of steps so the chance of errors and resulting rework is significantly reduced. VaultSpeed builds on a flanking strategy, this means we do not seek to replace the toolset that is already present in many organizations. The use of automation templates allows us to extend to numerous target platforms. This means we can coexist with many popular ELT vendors and seamlessly integrate with popular target platforms. VaultSpeed runs in the Azure cloud. It is offered to customers as a SaaS solution meaning the environment is fully managed by our team.

Our cloud has an extensive high availability setup and the metadata on which we generate our end product is securely backed-up. VaultSpeed is quickly evolving since we add new functionality every three weeks. Our cloud setup ensures our customers are always running on the latest version. The only local setup is the installation of a lightweight communication agent and no time is lost on upgrading your product.

VaultSpeed is built for developers but due to its ease of use, it is very accessible for business analysts and data scientists as well.