Survey Data Vault Modelling & Data Governance Conference

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Architecture & Methodology

Please choose your preferred architecture and methodology *
Do you know what Data Vault Methodology and Data Vault Modeling are? *
Are you using Data Vault 2.0? *
Are you using Ensemble Modeling? *

Scoring Questions

Identifying true business keys as an important step. *
Identifying DELTAS on data sets is important to Analytical BI *
Identifying DELTAS on data sets is important to Data Science *
Data should be normalized/broken out when in JSON and XML formats *
Machine learning, AI, Metadata Mining will take over the need to manually build data models *

General Questions

Please choose all architectural components you leverage *
Business Process *
Ontology/Taxonomy *
Concept by Business *
Logical *
Physical *
Types of Data Utilized in BI Solution. Please choose ALL types of data that (on average) you have used in the data warehouses you’ve built over the past 2 years *
Size of raw data sets used *
Can a DB+ Virtualization tool replace the need for a Data Warehouse? Databases like Snowflake + Looker for example, and by data warehouse we mean: traditional physical data model for your data warehouse with data moved to a normalized physical model. *
A Persistent Stage Area/Fill Landing Zone is all I need as my data warehouse
What reasons do you still have for building a physical data warehouse?

Automating Tool

Do you currently use automation tooling? *
Select any tools you have used in the past 2 years
How important is BI / EDW automation tooling in the coming 2 years? *

Comments and Feedback

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Personal Information

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